electric finish nail gun

Electric Finishing Nail Gun

Finishing nail guns are important tools that have made woodwork finishing a walk in the park. They have made the process of hammering easier and safer compared to when one uses a manual hammer. Electric finishing nail guns are lighter, safer, produce minimal noise and are much cleaner. They allow an expert to produce beautiful pieces with wood within a short time since they are fast, easy to use and allow one to work with precision since they use high gauge nails.

An electric finishing nail gun runs on electric power. The power is obtainable from the mains or from rechargeable lithium batteries.

The gun operates on either of the two mentioned mechanisms. First, the electric power can be used to rotate an electric motor which in turn compresses a powerful spring and then releases it, allowing the nail to be fired. Secondly, the current can pass through a solenoid causing a magnetic field that attracts a long front rod which in turn drives the firing pin. The magnetic field first

These finishing nail guns either manufactured with a cord or are cordless. Corded finishing nail guns have to be connected to a power outlet for one to use them. This means they can only be used in a fixed area that has an outlet for connection to the power supply. With corded nail guns, you don’t have to charge batteries all the time. All you need is a power extension cable that will help you increase the area of operation.

Cordless nail guns utilize the power supplied to them through rechargeable batteries. They therefore, allow the user to work in different environments liberally. You can do your work freely without restrictions so long as the batteries have enough charge.

These nail guns vary in shape depending on the types of nail heads they can accommodate and the size of the nails. They also vary with the magazines they use. The nail gun with the straight magazine accommodates fewer nails and is much lighter. The coil magazine accommodates more nails making it heavier but more efficient for heavy work.

Before you buy a nail gun you need to consider the work you shall be doing and the nails you shall be using. You need to know the length and diameter of the nails you shall use. These will depend on the surface you shall be driving the nail in. Once you are sure of the type of nails you shall use, you can select the appropriate electric finishing nail gun with the right head. The gun should accommodate the nails and allow firing of the nails with ease.

It is vital to also consider the magazine type. If you intend to do heavier work that requires a lot of nails, a coil magazine will come in handy. Apart from that, consider capacity, weight, accessories and mobility depending on the work you shall be doing. A cordless electric gun will be more appropriate for work that involves frequent movement and distances far from the power outlet.

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